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Twin Mini Cannon

The Twin Mini Cannon

The Twin Mini Cannon behaves just like the mini cannon, but shoots in two directions: forward and backwards. The damage on the forward shells are small while the damage on the backwards shells is big.

The twin mini cannon (forward shells) do hit harder than the mini cannon does and the cost is exactly the same so I always just use the twin mini cannon, since it’s stronger than the mini cannon.

  • Cost: 25 (free during the rain)

Twin Cannon

Twin Cannon

The Twin Cannon shoots shells forward and backwards. The damage the twin cannon does is normal for forward shells and big for backwards ones.

  • Cost: 250


 The Torch

The torch turns the shells of cannons that pass through the flame into more powerful fire shells. The damage the new fire shells do is big.

The torch only works on cannons, double cannons, twin cannons, mini cannons and twin mini cannons.

  • Cost: 75
  • Damage: Big


Double Catapult

Double Catapult

The double catapult is one of my favorite. It’s not to expensive and it does a fair amount of damage. It flings 2 shells at once to approaching pirates. Each shell will do a medium amount of damage.

  • Cost: 175
  • Damage: Medium


Knife Thrower

Knife Thrower

The knife thrower throws powerful knives at pirates. As an added bonus it will pass through all the pirates in the same lane.

  • Cost: 275
  • Damage: Medium

This is honestly not a weapon I ever find myself using. It’s to expensive when there are other weapons that are just as good or better for less of a cost.



The cannon-zilla or triple cannon, shoots three shells at a time in three different lanes. It does not shoot three shells at any single target – instead it shoots three different targets at a time.

  • Cost: 225
  • Damage: Medium


Pirate Flag

Pirate Flag

You wouldn’t think it would be possible, but yes a Pirate Flag in this game is a nifty little weapon that makes the pirates work for you. It doesn’t actually do any damage itself, but instead what it does it turn the skeleton pirate against the guy behind it. So the turned pirate will then attack and kill the guy coming up behind him.

  • Cost: 150
  • Damage: 150

This is yet again another item I never find myself using in the game. Great item in theory just not needed. If it were way cheaper, like 50 coins, maybe. But no way am I going to waste my time with it at a cost of 150.


Freeze Cannon

The cannon-freezer or Freeze Cannon shoots freezing shells that damage the pirates and freezes them in place for a short time.

This item is best utilized in conjunction with another weapon like the regular cannon that will shoot continual damage. The Cannon-reezer will only shoot a shell at the pirate that is currently not frozen. By using it with another cannon, it will freeze the guy and keep him frozen in place while the other cannon kills him.

  • Cost: 200
  • Damage: Medium


The Trap

The trap does as the name suggests, it traps and kills the pirates on contact. The trap is destroyed after a single use.

You should note that it takes time to activate. It is also vulnerable during the activation time.

  • Cost: 25
  • Damage: Big