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Skeleton Pirates Cheats

Are there any Skeleton Pirates cheats?

Yes and no. I’ve yet to find any code that you put in to gain extra lives or whatever but I have found one tiny little thing you can do to make a huge difference later on in the game.

First search your computer for a file called explosion5.png. This file is the smoke that appears on your screen when the skeleton pirates drop a bomb.

Now open up that explosion5.png and remove the dark cloud graphic so that it’s basically just a blank background. So it goes from  this to this …


to this … explosion5-2

Now when you restart the game and a level comes up that your deck is on fire, your view is no longer blocked by smoke and you no longer have to use the stupid water bucket.

Water Bucket

Since you no longer need the water bucket you don’t even need to load it up at the beginning.

Ghost Pirate

The Ghost Pirate

The Ghost Pirate or hidden pirate, isn’t hard to kill but you can only do so with one weapon, the Jack Cannon. When you use the Jack Cannon on these guys it makes his hat drop and turns him visible again.

Their strength is listed as high but I found a single Jack Cannon can take these guys down without any trouble.


Giant Pirate

The Giant Pirate

The Giant Pirate is very strong and can destroy anything it comes in contact with, in one hit.

These guys really just need to be bombed to get rid of them before they have a chance to even get to your defenses.


Fire Pirate

Fire Pirate

These bad boys can shoot fireballs at your weapons. Their strength is extremely high and their only known weakness is the shield.

I personally hate these guys. They aren’t overly hard to kill but their fireballs trigger quickly and can easily take down your defenses. I personally mini bomb them as soon as they come up just to get them out of the way.



Concealed Pirate

Concealed Pirate with Wings Concealed Pirate

The Concealed Pirate is concealed behind his heavy shiled that can not be penetrated. His strength is high. His weakness oddly enough is the twin cannon.

I found the fastest way to take one of these guys down is to put a twin cannon directly behind it. It seems to do a ton of damage to them from behind.

Crawling Pirate

Crawling Pirate

Crawling in his thing and that is what makes the Crawling Pirate hard to detect with normal weapons. His strength is very high. His weakness is a catapult weapon.

The only way to kill the crawling pirate besides a bomb would be one of the catapult weapons. The normal cannon’s won’t detect the guy, he’ll just crawl on by them.


Immortal Pirate

Immortal Pirate

The Immortal Pirate can not die but he can be burned to death. His strength is very high. His weakness is the fire cannon.

You can only kill this guy with fire or by blowing him up with a bomb or the mini bomb. If you attack him with a normal weapon he will appear to die (disappear) but then poof – he’ll come right back to life.


The Wizard Pirate

The Wizard Pirate

The Wizard Pirate can disappear once hit and reappear in another land. His strength is high.

His only known weakness is that he can’t use his magic to disappear when he is fighting.

The Rope Pirate

The Rope Pirate

This little guy uses the rope to make his entrance. The rope makes him fly over weapons and land behind them. His skills improve as the game advances. His strength is medium.

His only known weakness is the barrel. Using a barrel will make him land on contact.