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The Ice Bomb

The Ice Bomb

The ice bomb doesn’t actually do any damage, but when you drop this bad boy, it will freeze all the skeleton pirates on the screen for a short time. It’s a little on the expensive side but can really save you in a pinch.

  • Cost: 250
  • Damage: None


The Mini Bomb

Mini Bomb

The mini bomb creates a small explosion capable of destroying a single pirate.

  • Cost: 25
  • Damage: Small


The Bomb

The Bomb

The bomb explodes and kills all pirates around it. It works on up to three rows of pirates as well as one tile in front and back. In other words it’s a weapon who does area damage.

  • Cost: 125
  • Damage: Huge


The Cannon

The Cannon

The cannon is your most basic weapon. It shoots shells at incoming pirates. Use it at your first line of defense because the cost is not high, yet the damage is feasible.

  • Cost: 75
  • Damage: Normal

The Hat Pirate

The hat on this pirates head makes him stronger than his brother, the basic Skeleton pirate. He has no special abilities but he does hit harder and is slightly harder to kill than the basic Skeleton pirate.

Skeleton Pirate - with SwordSkeleton Pirate - Burning Wings





Treasure Chests

While the stars the drop form birds are a nice bonus, you can’t win a game without a lot more money and ammo so what you are going to need are treasure chests. They are two kinds, the silver star treasure chest and the gold star treasure chest. About every 10 to 15 seconds they open up and and give you one star. The more chests you have the more money or ammo you can collect.

Silver Star Treasure Chest

Gold Star Treasure Chest

When a gold or silver star drops from a flying bird or from a treasure chest you must click on it before it disappears or you lose it forever.


There are four types of birds in the game. The blue bird, the blue rain bird, the yellow bird and the yellow rain bird. Blue birds drop silver stars, yellow birds drop gold stars. Yellow birds however only appear to drop gold stars when you are out of ammo. They don’t just normally appear in the game. They are sort of an emergency system to help you out in a rough spot.

The blue bird will appear in a normal game about once every 15 to 20 seconds (or about that). However neither the yellow or the blue bird will fly in the rain. If you are playing a level where it is raining you will need to have purchased the blue and yellow rain birds from the shop portion of the game. The rain bird doesn’t come by as often as a normal blue bird does. They will fly in the rain but will only appear about half as often as a normal blue bird would in a non rain game.

The Blue Bird The Rain Blue BirdThe Yellow Bird The Rain Yellow Bird



The Skeleton Pirate

This is the most basic skeleton pirate. He comes at you with a sword, and no shield. He also can later appear in the game with wings. He’s the easiest to kill. He has no real special powers or abilities.

Skeleton Pirate Skeleton Pirate - with Wings

The most common pirate of them all, and always leads his mates to the battle.

You will fight this guy in every single battle in the game from the first to the very last. He’s also luckily the easiest to kill.




There are two types of stars in the Skeleton Pirates game. There are gold and silver stars. The silver stars are what you must collect to earn money which you can then use to buy weapons to defeat the onslaught of skeleton pirates. But what is a gun without bullets? And that’s why you need gold stars. Gold stars are collected  to earn ammunition.

Gold StarSilver Star

When a gold or silver star drops from a flying bird or from a treasure chest you must click on it before it disappears or you lose it forever.